New Bank Accounts for the Wire and Bank Payment

Duke filluar nga data 10 Shtator 2018, ne do vendosim ne dispozicion te klienteve tane nje tjeter llogari bankare per te gjitha pagesat e sherbimeve te domaineve dhe hostimit. Shtimi i llogarise se re behet pas kerkesave te shume klienteve tane per pagesa nepermjet kesaj banke. Raiffeisen Bank eshte banka e dyte me e madhe ne Shqiperi.Qe sot ... Read More »

10th Sept 2018
Domain Discount on Albania's Independence Day

In celebration of Albania's Independence Day, we offer only for the 28th and 29th of November a discount of 30% with the code: 30OFF.

Happy Independence Day!

28th Nov 2017
Free SSL Certificates for all our webhosting clients.

Few years ago, Google announced that it will penalize domains that do not use encryption. The announcement is part of a move to increase security and awareness to security of thousand of transactions and identity exchange on the internet. While most of the large traffic websites have already moved their online services to protected TSL ... Read More »

19th Aug 2016
2 Factor Authentification Problem Solved

In the last days, we noticed reports by our clients regarding the inability to login with 2 Factor Authentification. This was due to a slight problem with the time of the hosting server. As the 2FA code is valid for 60 seconds, a few seconds made a difference.

The problem has been solved. :)

Happy Domaining!

31st Mar 2016
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