Free SSL Certificates for all our webhosting clients.

Few years ago, Google announced that it will penalize domains that do not use encryption. The announcement is part of a move to increase security and awareness to security of thousand of transactions and identity exchange on the internet. While most of the large traffic websites have already moved their online services to protected TSL ... Read More »

19th Aug 2016
2 Factor Authentification Problem Solved

In the last days, we noticed reports by our clients regarding the inability to login with 2 Factor Authentification. This was due to a slight problem with the time of the hosting server. As the 2FA code is valid for 60 seconds, a few seconds made a difference.

The problem has been solved. :)

Happy Domaining!

31st Mar 2016
Still available 2 character .al domains (January 2016)

Due to high requests of 2 letter domains, below is a list of the availble domains:   A0.AL A2.AL A3.AL A4.AL A5.AL A7.AL A8.AL A9.AL B0.AL B1.AL B2.AL B3.AL B4.AL B5.AL B6.AL B7.AL B8.AL B9.AL C1.AL C2.AL C3.AL C4.AL C5.AL C6.AL C7.AL C8.AL C9.AL D0.AL D1.AL D2.AL D3.AL D4.AL D5.AL D6.AL D7.AL D8.AL D9.AL E0.AL E1.AL E2.AL E3.AL E4.AL E5.AL ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2016
Still available 2 character domains

UPDATE - Domains are exhausted. There are only some L-N combinations available.The previous list below is no longer relevant.In the last days, we have seen a spike of interest in short 2 letter .al domains. From a simple check in the zone, the following 2 letter domains should still be available: ... Read More »

27th Dec 2015
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