We learned from a number of .al domain owners that the dot.al, a *portal* offering registration of .al domains is down since two days. We have inquired into the issue and we learned that the problem is temporary and should be solved soon by the owners of dot.al.

In further clarification, the issue does not affect your domains which should have been registered for a longer term. Such a problem of a specific domain-reseller (dot.al) does not affect any of .al domains you have registered through Accredited Registrars like Host.al. We are in this business since almost 15 years and our operations run on strong legal and ethical based.

Assuming you have a domain registered through dot.al, please do not panic. If your domain has expired or is about to expire, please contact us. We will check our options to assist you with renewals directly to the registry. Please use this option only domains which are about to expire or if you are facing service interruption. In addition, you can at any time inquire at the .al registry through their email domain-a-t-akep.al

Monday, July 20, 2015

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