New Year Start full of Energy!

What a crazy year we left behind!
In 2018 it seemed that everyone is present on internet, from our 5 year old digital native kids (that surprise us with tricks on our phones we never knew), to the old grandma sharing our 5 year old pics with dirty clothes and happy faces.
If you believe 2018 was amazing for the digital world, let's see what is in for us in 2019!
Something is sure! we all need our little corner on the internet and our digital world starts with a domain name.
With the code "MY2019" you can start with 20% off for .al domains!


Put some order this start of year!

We all have those planning periods where we reflect and organize.
Well, let us help you with a small domaining check list:
  1. Check that all my domains have my correct Whois data (this is my domain after all)
  2. Let's have all the domains in one place. (and move your domain .al to our company today for absolutely free transfer!)
  3. Check those expiration dates. Renew early, renew for longer periods, or make sure my favorites registrar email is in the white list.

We are organizing too!

Please have a look at our terms and conditions. We have done a small organization change, where Shpk has been spinned off from the parent company ShqiperiaCom Shpk. Basically the terms of conditions just have a new company name, but our staff is all the same, and we are commited to changes that will improve the range of services and quality of care for our customers.
As defined in our ToS, this email informs you of the change.
You may as well receive an email for each of your domains stating that there is a Transfer of your domain. Please make use of the case to check if the domain has the correct whois records and if you have a concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And last but not least!

Our  most desired product have been the range of VPS Servers Hosted in Albania.
Wether you need a VPS for your private email, or a VPN for your secure internet navigation, we have a range of VPS and an amazing tech support.
Order yours today!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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