How do I set up host records for a domain when I use DNS Management

To set up your host records, please follow the instructions given below:

  • Sign in to your Namecheap account
  • Enter My Account area by clicking on your username on the black bar at the top of the page
  • Select Domains from the top vertical menu
  • Click on Manage DNS in the left menu
  • Click on the domain you wish to modify host records for
  • Enter your host record settings and click Save Changes

The domain needs to have the nameservers set to our defaults (which are & as demostrated in the image below:
Modifying Nameservers

The DNS Management Link can be found under the domains menu. See the screen below for a visual example:
Free DNS Management location in the client's control panel

The management of the domains has the following fields:
Dns Management

Address Record Type


A (Address)

Allows you to associate a host with an IPv4 address. The IP address that you use does not have to be on your network.

For example:You can have the host record for www pointed to (the address for the Microsoft web site).


Allows you to associate a host with an IPv6 address. The IP address that you use does not have to be on your network.

For example: You can have the host record for www pointed to 2001:0db8:11a3:09d7:1f34:8a2e:07a0:765d

MXE (Mail Easy)

Allows you to specify the address of your mail server. When you use a mail record, you must use an IP address in the address field.

Note to professional users: Creating a mail record actually creates both the MX and A records in DNS. Also, when using multiple mail servers, a preference value of 10 is used on all entries.

MX (Mail)

MX (Mail)can be either a host name under your domain name (For example: "mail3") or the name of a mail server (For example: "").

NOTE:When using a mail server name, it should end with a period ("."). (If you forget the period and we recognize the TLD, we will automatically insert one).

CNAME (Alias)

An alias record type is used to associate a host name with another host. The host that you wish to point to does not have to be on your network.

For example:You could have the host record for www point to You can also simply use "@" sign to represent your domain.

Important: When you use a domain in the address field you must add a trailing period ("."). Unless you do so the name server will add your domain to the end of the domain given.


NS Records are primarily used if you want to break your domain into subdomains. Subdomains indicate you are delegating a portion of a domain name to a different group of nameservers, thus creating NS records to point the hostname (name of the subdomain) to different nameservers.

"*" record

The star * record is a wildcard record which is used to include any records or sub-domains that you have not specified to catch any typos or mistakes.

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