What is FTP and how do i upload my files?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used to remotely transfer files from one computer to a server and vice versa through a client such as filezilla. 

Tasks that we can perform in addition to transferring files to and from the server are deleting server files and changing permissions.

File transfer is on binary or ASCII and this service is available as long as you have an internet connection.

In order to connect to your FTP service, you will first have access to the username / password that is available in the activation email.

Below we will see two examples of how to connect to the ftp service using the most popular client, filezilla.


First download and install the filezilla client on your computer

Open Filezilla and make the connection according to the following steps.

1. Select File -> Site Manager

2. Add a new site and login information by stating the following on the General tab.

- New Site (under the mysites, register your site)

- In the Host field, declare ftp.host.al (where host.al you register your own domain)

- In Port state 21 which is the default.

- In Encryption, select Only Use Plain Ftp

- In Logon Type, select Normal


- In the User field, state what we have sent you to the activation email on Web Hosting - Account Information

- In the Password field, state what we have sent you to the activation email on the topic Enable Web Hosting - Account Information

- Finally, click Connect, log in and transfer your files by dragging and dropping to the root folder that appears in the right window of Filezilla. You can also use copy and paste.




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