Which are the .al domains that cannot be registered

We quote below the regulation of the administration of names under al. (REGULATION - "For Registering and Administering Domain Names under .AL and under .gov.al, .mil.al, .edu.al, com.al, .org.al, and .net domains. al "- AKEP)

Choose a domain name
(From Article 18 par. 13)

18.1 The Applicant has the right to choose as a domain name any kind of name he / she wants, except those that are part of the banned or reserved list and those previously registered by the entities provided for in the Regulation. The Applicant assumes all the responsibilities that may arise for this choice, in addition to the transitional period (sunrise).
18.2 Regarding the selection of the domain name, the applicant is obliged to apply all the terms and conditions set forth in the Regulation.
It is imperative that the chosen name meets these conditions:
a) The name is not on the list of "forbidden names";
b) not be in the "reserved names" list;
c) be in accordance with the syntax rules (Article 20);
d) Infringing the rights of other parties, in particular:
i. Copyright (property and artistic arts and / or industrial property)
ii. Competition Law and Fair Behavior in Business / Trade Relations;
e) Names should not affect public morality and order, and in particular not include terms:
i. Violating human freedom and fundamental rights, freedoms and personal rights, freedoms and political rights, freedoms and economic, social and cultural rights provided for in the Constitution;
ii. That may cause any damage to the development of minors.
f) The names should be different from the names of the administrative and territorial divisions under the relevant law in force of the Republic of Albania.

Prohibited and Reserved Names
(From Article 19 pp. 13-14)

19.1 Forbidden names are considered names that according to the respective list depending on their specificity / nature can not be registered by the Responsible Authority as domain names.
19.2 Reserved names are considered names that are subject to registration with special terms related to the identity and category in which the applicant is classified.
19.3 The Responsible Authority, in accordance with the definitions made in this Regulation, prepares and publishes on the website www.ert.gov.al, the list of prohibited and reserved names.
19.4 The forbidden names include, but are not limited to, names of abusive, offensive, racist, words related to crimes or misconduct and those that are contrary to good habits.
19.5 Some examples of "reserved" names are: technical terms of the Internet, names related to state operations / operations, names of international organizations, names of counties, prefectures, municipalities, communes, cities, villages, administrative divisions of Albania, the names of the areas / provinces according to the names of the tire or the ancient tire, as well as cultural or natural monuments laid down by law or by sub legal acts.
19.6 The published list of prohibited and reserved names shall be updated by the Responsible Authority on the basis of information obtained and legally justified. It should not be excluded that, for the above mentioned reasons, the Responsible Authorization, in response to an application for the registration of such a name, expresses a reasoned disapproval, despite the disrespect of that name in the published list.
19.7 The Responsible Authority, in relation to the designation of a forbidden list of names and a list of reserved names, cooperates with the Assembly, Council of Ministers, Local Government Bodies, Judicial System Institutions, other institutions set forth by law or sub-legal acts, and any international institution where the Republic of Albania adheres.
19.8 Different disagreements that may arise with interest and the consequences of tire related to the list of prohibited and reserved names do not constitute legal liability for the Responsible Authority.
19.9 The applicant who is refused by the Responsible Authority the registration of the requested domain name, due to its inclusion on the banned or reserved list (according to points 19.6 above), has the right to appeal to this authority by submitting facts, objections and allegations of inclusion of the name he applies to that list within 30 calendar days of the date of receipt of the notice. The request must necessarily be accompanied by the relevant justifications.


Syntax Rules

20.1 The domain name is the set of a series of alphanumeric characters that includes letters A through Z, numbers 0 to 9 and the minus sign "-".
20.2 From the syntax viewpoint, the following domain names can not be registered when:
a) The name consists of one character;
b) The names consist of two characters;
c) Names begin or end with minus "-";
d) The name consists of more than 63 characters

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