Install the Domain Reseller Registrar module in WHMCS

Below you can find instructions for installation of the registrar module on reseller WHMCS.

Make sure you have an API Key provided by and a reseller account. At the moment you received these information, you should have received a ZIP file containing the Registrar Module for connection.
Unzip the file and place it's content under /modules/registrars/HostAl

Go to 'Setup' > 'Products/Services' > 'Domains Registrar' , find HostAl module  press 'Activate' next to it.
By this moment you should have a section like the one below.

Reseller Module

Once you have activated the Reseller you have to link the registration of .al domains with the new Registrar Module.

Please navigate to  'Setup' > 'Products/Services' > 'Domains Pricing'. Beside the .al domain choose the HostAl Reseller.
Link to .al reseller
Repeat the action for all the other domains under the .al zone and you should be ready to go.
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