As they do every year, the Registry Verisign (in charge of the .com extension) announced an increase on their rates on September the 1st.

Please find below the prices applicable on September the 1st of 2024: 

- Creation: €10.60 excl. VAT / year instead of €9.5 excl. VAT
- Renewal: €10.60 excl. VAT / year instead of €9.5 excl. VAT
- Transfer: €10.60 excl. VAT instead of €9.5 excl. VAT

The .com price increase will affect all the registrars worldwide and is committed to keep the lowest prices on domains. If you have a .com domain, consider renewing it before September 1st to benefit from the old pricing of 9.50€/year.



Tuesday, June 11, 2024

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