Dear clients of,
We have some good news ahead. As it has been long expected, the automation of the .al domains is so close and with the process some regulations which will affect the price and the ownership have changed as well.

The changes will take place May 1st and these are the main changes:
  • Registration will be done automatically although the procedure will be in a 1 step validation. We expect the time for registration to be decrised drastically!
  • Transfer/renewal will be done automatically. Transfer will be handled through Authorization code.
  • There will be a public whois provided by the registry.
  •, and domains will require a local presence still, but .al domains are free to be registered by any user, even non Albanian citizens.
  • Did we say the price will be decreased!? Yes it will, stay tuned for the new lucrative offer!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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