As of today, all the nameserver changes will be processed by the registry in an automatic way for the .al domains as well.
Although the registration of the domains have been automated since a year, the update of the nameservers was handled manually from the Registry staff due to an issue with their internal system. The previous workflow included the generation of an email from our system which was delivered to the Registry automatically and depending on the availability of their staff, the nameservers were changed within their working hours.
The issue has been addressed more than 2 months ago for the second level domains under .al ( and similars) and as of today (August 13th) the change is automated for the .al zone as well.

Update: As we have noticed, the change has created some inconsistencies (due to the difference of records for some domains through the Registry Databaze and what was previously in the .al zone). If your domain has some old Nameservers, please update the records on the domain section. The .al zones will be reloaded within a few hours and show your correct nameservers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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